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3 Hilarious Storytellers + Romantic, Rockin’ Music

♥  Ed Gavagan ♥  ♥ Robin Gelfenbien  ♥  ♥ Vanessa Valerio♥  ♥ Sean Altman & Jack Skuller: The Everly Set  ♥   



Ed Gavagan

Ed is a moving storyteller who has been featured in the Moth StorySlams, MainStage events and the the Moth Radio show.

Robin Gelfenbien

Robin is the Creator/host of the storytelling series and podcast, Yums the Word (a NYT critic’s pick).

Vanessa Valerio

Vanessa. a Moth storySlam winner,  is the host and producer of “Singeling”, a relationship podcast

MUSICIAN: Sean Altman & Jack Skuller: The Everly Set

Sean (Rockapella founder who played the White House twice) and Jack bring the Everly Bros. hits to life. 

AT Out by 10 Sean Altman and Jack Sculler, The Everly Set, sing the DooWop songs of the Everly Brothers  AT Out by 10 Ed Gavagan tells funny stories  At Out by 10, Robin Gelfenbein tells funny stories  At Out by 10 Vanessa Valerio tells funny stories











WHO: Storytellers: Aparna Nancherla, Sydnee Washington, Gianmarco Soresi PLUS Musician: Robinson Treacher

WHERE: John Strasberg Studios, 555 8th Ave (betw. 37-38), Studio 2310, NYC

WHEN: 8-10 PM — every 2nd Friday of the month

THE DEAL: Cover includes FREE wine: $20 online; $25 at the door.

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At out by 10 Robinson Treacher plays rockin' Americana music at Out by 10  AT out by 10 Aparna Nancherla tells pointed and funny stories  At Out by 10 Sydnee Washington tells funny stories  At Out by 10 Gianmarco Soresi tells funny stories


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